Greetings from the Famous

Acton Rangers

The Acton Rangers held their fourth gymkhana of the year on Sunday, June 3rd.  The arena condition was ready to go, and the weather was quite warm for a wonderful day of competition.  We are half way through the season and the standings are still very competitive and we predict it is going to be extremely competitive till the end!!  We were missing a few of the regulars, and we hope to see them return next month.  Two of our riders were promoted: Rachael Blaha into the Single A Saddle Class; and Megan Monson was promoted into the AA Saddle Class.  Congratulations to you all!!

A total of 44 riders participated in the 4th gymkhana of the season, competing in two separate Year End Award Divisions.  Entry fees for the 2018 Acton Ranges’ Gymkhana are $5 per rider per class, however, novice competitors (12 and under) are only $2.50 per rider per class.  We are expecting a sunny and warm day for our July 1st gymkhana and the points standings are close, as we have 4 more gymkhanas’ this season, and it is early enough for everyone to have a chance for the saddles and buckles.  As a reminder, our gymkhanas are on the 1st Sunday of the month from March to October, and the awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, November 4th at the Acton community center.

The Acton Community Center will be present at our July Gymkhana with the final chance to purchase the “Duckie Drop” tickets.  This is your chance to pick your favorite “duckie number”.  The “Duckie Drop” will take place at the July 1st gymkhana around midday.  Listen to Announcer Richard for the actual location during the gymkhana.  Contact Linda @ 661-435-1780 or Sue @ 661-713-8589 for details.

Remember that the week of July 1st shall be lots of fun with the Gymkhana starting off the week on Sunday and the annual 4th of July Parade in downtown Acton on Wednesday, July 4th.  The Acton Rangers will be there and we are looking forward to seeing and interacting with all of our friends along the parade route!

All us Rangers look forward to seeing you at our next Gymkhana on Sunday, July 1st, at the Vincent Hill Arena.

Remember, ride hard, shoot straight, and always tell the truth!!