Greetings from the Famous

Acton Rangers

The Acton Rangers had their second gymkhana of the year on Sunday, April 1st.  The arena conditions were good, and the weather was pleasant for a wonderful day of competition.  For an Easter Sunday, there were many new and returning riders that joined us that day, welcome to all and glad to see you there.  The arena was fast with several close record times, however, Patty Fettinger was able to break the Vincent Hill Arena Record in Single Barrel with a 7.217 second ride.  Congratulations to Patty!!!  Three of our riders also promoted into higher classes, Mackenna Burgard moved to AAA, Payton and Morgan Kies also promoted up to AA.  Congratulations to you all!!

A total of 56 riders participated in the 2nd gymkhana of the season, competing in two separate Year End Award Divisions.  Entry fees for the 2018 Acton Ranges’ Gymkhana are $5 per rider per class, however, novice competitors (12 and under) are only $2.50 per rider per class.  We are expecting a sunny day for our May 6th gymkhana and the points standings are close, as we have 6 more gymkhanas this season, and it is early enough for everyone to have a chance for the saddles and buckles.  As a reminder, our gymkhanas are on the 1st Sunday of the month from March to October, and the awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, November 4th at the Acton community center.

The Acton Community Center will be having a 70’s theme fundraiser on Saturday, April 28th.  Dinner and beverages will be served along with dancing, complete with a disco ball, and an open mic for those of you who that have always wanted to be a 70’s star!!!!  Contact Linda @ 661-435-1780 or Sue @ 661-713-8589 for details.

All us Rangers look forward to seeing you at our next Gymkhana on Sunday, May 6th, at the Vincent Hill Arena.

Remember, ride hard, shoot straight, and always tell the truth!!