Greetings from the Famous

Acton Rangers

The Acton Rangers are announcing the start of their 2019 Gymkhana Season with the first gymkhana of the year on Sunday, March 3rd at 9 am, with sign ups starting at 8 am.  The Gymkhanas will be held at the Vincent Hill Arena, 560 W Sierra Highway, Acton.

The 2019 season will have two year-end high point divisions, the Saddle Series division, open to all ages, and the Buckle Series division, open to participants that are 25 years or older.  All Classes are $5.00 for AAA, AA, and A riders, with Novice classes (12 and under) are $2.50.

Each gymkhana will consist of 6 events, Washington Poles, Quadrangle Poles, Single Barrel, Precision Barrel, Cloverleaf and Keyhole.  As a side note, Saddle Series Day ribbons are awarded to 5th place in the 4 divisions: AAA, AA, A, and Novice.

Congratulations to our 2018 Hi-Point winners:

The 2019 Acton Gymkhana’s will be held on the first Sunday of each month between the months of March through October, with the year end awards on Sunday, November 3rd.  Refreshments will be available throughout the day for your convenience.

We look forward to a wonderful season with our returning riders as well as new riders that will join us this year.  See you all on Sunday, March 3rd.