Greetings from the Famous

Acton Rangers

The Acton Rangers held their seventh gymkhana of the 2017 season on Sunday, September 3rd.  We had a total of 53 riders that were on hand to compete during the clear and warm day.  Congratulations to Nathalie Allen who moved into the A class, up from the Novice class and Zena Byrne who moved into the AA Buckle class, up from the A Buckle class.

Acton Rangers’ Gymkhana have two different divisions, the Saddle Series, open to all ages, and the Buckle Series which is open to riders 25 years and older.  The Saddle Series competes for yearend Division Saddles, reserve buckles, yearend class awards, and day ribbons.  The Buckle Series competes for a yearend Division Buckles.  Class fees are $5 per rider per class, however, novice competitors (12 and under, within the time brackets) are only $2.50 per rider per class.

The October gymkhana will be our final gymkhana for the season and there are competition remains strong in a few divisions.  Saddles and buckles are still up for grabs, as well as many other awards.  Don’t forget that the awards ceremony will be held at 9 am on Sunday, November 5th at the Acton community center.

Remember to mark your calendars for Saturday, November 4th, it will will be a fun filled day benefitting the Acton Community Center with all proceeds will be contributed to the Acton Community Center.  The day will start with a breakfast hosted by the Lions Club, presale tickets will be available at the October Gymkhana, get yours then, so you don’t miss out!  A Play Day will take place in the Acton Arena, events to include speed barrel, cloverleaf, California Poles, speed ball, birangle and a mystery event to be announced.  Lunch will also be available.  The Acton Ranger’s Gymkhana Awards Banquet will follow on Sunday, November 5th.

All us Rangers look forward to seeing you at our final 2017 Gymkhana on Sunday, October 1st, at the Vincent Hill Arena. Remember to bring your friends and family, as there is plenty of room for parking, to help cheer on all of the riders. With the points race so close, the next gymkhana should be lots of fun!!

Remember, Ride hard, shoot straight, and always tell the truth!!